FGM supports The One Box program's continuity

At Fosterville Gold Mine (FGM), we are delighted to announce our donation of $25,000 in support of the continuation of The One Box program at California Gully Primary School and Quarry Hill Primary School. Families will continue to receive weekly supplies of fresh produce and bread through this program throughout the school year, fostering a stronger and healthier community. We firmly believe that working together can create a brighter future for those facing challenges, and we are proud to be part of this meaningful cause.

Kerryn Phillips, who brought the program to the attention of FGM, is a strong advocate for this program. "In a lucky country like Australia, it's really sad that so many families can't afford to put fresh and nutritious food on the table," she remarked. As the student well-being and family support worker at both schools, Kerryn works tirelessly to understand the problems families face and ensure those in need receive these essential food boxes.

The One Box program, launched in Melbourne, has been a lifeline for hundreds of Bendigo families. Each week, hand-packed boxes containing fresh fruit, vegetables, and wholemeal bread are delivered to hubs for collection by families identified as being in need by local community groups.

The goal for 2023 is to support over 2,500 households across Australia, equating to more than 100,000 fresh food boxes. The program is possible through partnerships with schools, charities, and community organisations.

Kerryn believes providing food is a practical way to support families experiencing financial strain. "If we can help by providing food to support families, it can take the pressure off, and they can pay those bills, so they don't get cut off," she explained.

As Fosterville Gold Mine, we proudly support and contribute to the vital One Box program. We believe in the power of community collaboration in addressing food insecurity in our region. Our donation is a testament to our commitment to fostering positive change in our local community.