Environmental management at Fosterville

Fosterville Gold Mine’s Environmental Management Plan provides a framework to address and manage operational and environmental risks associated with the mining operations, including an environmental risk register, mitigation and control measures, and a comprehensive monitoring program.

Air quality monitoring

Air quality monitoring is carried out at designated locations around FGM to assess potential impacts on air quality and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Ground vibration

Ground vibration can be induced by a number of external factors other than blasting. Thunderstorms, heavy vehicle traffic on roads and seismicity all have the potential to generate vibration . Human activities within the mine can also induce vibration.


FGM undertakes a comprehensive program of rehabilitation works as part of its mining licence conditions and Agnico Eagle’s commitment to responsible environmental practices.

Noise monitoring

FGM has a team of experts who undertake daily noise monitoring at designated sites to assess the mine’s compliance with prescribed noise limits.

Water monitoring

Water monitoring is conducted to ensure that FGM’s operations do not impact on the water quality downstream of the mining site or to nearby groundwater users or associated aquatic ecosystems.

Tailings storage facility

FGM’s Tailings Storage Facility is safely built and operated to specifications that are tailored to the physical nature of the tailings material and other factors including: the local climate, topography, geological setting and seismicity.