Working at Fosterville Gold Mine

A lot of people are curious about what it is like to work at a gold mine, and although we can’t speak for all gold mines, in this section, we describe what working life is like at Fosterville.

Working life at Fosterville
Working life at Fosterville

What is it like working at Fosterville? We asked some of our staff to share their thoughts.

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Why choose a career with us
Why choose a career with us?

We believe in working as a team and treating each other equally, fairly and consistently.

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Embracing diversity and inclusion
Embracing diversity and inclusion

We strive to create equal opportunities for all our employees and foster an environment of growth and career development.

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Working life at Fosterville

With over 800 people employed at Fosterville Gold Mine – who are mostly local to the area – Fosterville Gold Mine strongly believes in engaging and contributing towards the local community.

Working life at Fosterville

Fosterville Gold Mine’s owners, Agnico Eagle, is a global leader in the gold mining business, with eight currently operating mines located in Canada, Finland, Australia and Mexico. 

Agnico Eagle strives to be an admired member of the community by being a good employer and good neighbour; as well as having a reputation as leaders in safety and sustainability.

At Fosterville Gold Mine, we take great pride in our employees and the contributions they make to our success. We understand that hearing from our employees is an important aspect of understanding the work environment and culture at our mine.

We believe that our employees are our most valuable asset, and are committed to creating a supportive and inclusive environment that fosters growth and development.

What is it like working at Fosterville?
We asked some of our staff …

We believe in working as a team and treating each other equally, fairly and consistently.

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Alia - Process Operator

Process Operator

Jozsef - Underground Development Driller

Underground Development Driller

Jessica - Truck Operator

Truck Operator

Sue - Mine Processing Manager

Mine Processing Manager

Emma - Truck Driver

Truck Driver

Cameron - Service Maintenance Foreperson

Service Maintenance Foreperson

Josh - H&S Supervisor

H&S Supervisor

Why choose a career with us?

At Agnico Eagle, we believe in family, authenticity and simplicity.

We run an easy-to-understand business that is committed to delivering high quality growth and maintaining high standards in health, safety, environment and community development.

We believe in working as a team and treating each other equally, fairly and consistently. We live our core values and take pride in working with our employees to shape our world-class workplace, reputation and culture.

We Offer

Challenging and rewarding careers, with excellent opportunities for advancement.

  • A corporate culture of respect, excellence and collaboration.
  • Unique opportunities in a globally diverse workforce.
  • Training and development programs.
  • Roles with increasing and diverse responsibilities.
  • Competitive pay and employee benefits
We Seek
  • People we can invest in to build the leaders of the future.
  • A commitment to treat every person with respect.
  • Team players engaged and committed to operating safely, protecting the environment and making a positive contribution to our operating communities.
  • A willingness to build your skills and reach your potential.
  • Professional expertise, with a willingness to make a meaningful contribution to our company.
  • Skilled trades and technical expertise, with a commitment to high performance that produces results.
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Why choose a career with us

Embracing diversity and inclusion

Fosterville Gold Mine is proud to have a diverse team of professionals who bring a wide range of skills, experiences, and perspectives to our work.

By embracing diversity and promoting inclusion, we create a stronger, more dynamic team that is better equipped to tackle the challenges of the mining industry.

We are committed to continually finding ways to make our work environment more inclusive and respectful, so that everyone feels safe, valued and supported regardless of their background, race, gender, age, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic.

This diversity sets us apart and makes us stronger as a company.

Embracing diversity and inclusion

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