Honeyeater Bushland Reserve Wetland Enhancement

This project aimed to create a new wetland that adjoins an existing small wetland on the floor of what is now Honeyeater Bushland Reserve and was previously an old quarry. It will become a focus for the community that now use the “Rim Walk" and it will be able to be seen from the rim walk that follows the rim of the quarry.

Honeyeater Bushland Reserve is a 17-hectare nature reserve in Junortoun, Victoria managed by the Junortoun Community Action Group (JCAG). JCAG, as Committee of Management for the Reserve, aims to preserve, maintain and rehabilitate Honeyeater Reserve for the benefit of the Junortoun and surrounding community and the plants, insects, reptiles, birds and mammals that live there. This wetland development proposal will be upstream of the existing dam and water from the catchment will flow through the wetland and continue to the dam. The project involves earthworks to construct the wetland according to the slope and fall of the floor of the quarry. The wetland will be able to be constructed mainly below the current surface rather than relying on large banks and walls to contain the water. The earth moving contractor (Midland Contracting) was used for the wetland enhancement works.