A more welcoming space for the Gianna Centre

Fosterville Gold Mine is pleased to have recently supported the Gianna Centre in Bendigo to make their social centre a more comfortable and welcoming space.

The Gianna Centre is a volunteer-run not-for-profit, offering caring family support, education and a referral service. It aims to assist people going through a challenging time – whether it be with pregnancy, parenting, relationships, fertility, loss and grief – by offering moral and material support. The centre strives to provide positive information and professional supports that empower people to overcome their challenges, whatever they may be.

“More often than not, those who visit the Gianna Centre are experiencing some level of trauma or crisis, so it is important that our social centre is a space where they can relax and feel a sense of sanctuary,” explains Jayde Nicolson, Volunteer Coordinator at the Gianna Centre.

“The centre is also the only place in Bendigo that offers peer support for those who have lost a baby, and parents regularly meet in the social centre to share and overcome their grief,” Jayde continued.

The Fosterville Gold Mine Community Grant has enabled the centre to upgrade the furnishings in the social centre, as well as paint the wall to turn a fairly bland space, into a much more comfortable and welcoming environment.

“We love our new social centre and have already had lots of compliments about how much nicer it is,” said Jayde.

I think we can all heartily agree with Jayde! The space is looking great and FGM is thrilled to have played a small part in supporting the centre.

To learn more about the Gianna Centre and all the wonderful things they do for the community visit: