Goornong Recreation Reserve has a new look and feel


Goornong Recreation Reserve has a new look and feel

The Goornong Recreation Reserve has undergone a much-needed transformation thanks to the combined efforts of the local community including support from Fosterville Gold Mine (FGM).

The idea to renovate the playground base from sand to "Soft Fall" material was initially sparked by concerned parents in the community. According to a Goornong Recreation Reserve Committee Member, the project's main goal was not only to upgrade the playground's look, but also ensure that it meets with current Child Playground Safety Standards.

"We wanted to make sure that the playground was a safe and fun place for all children in the community to play," said a spokesperson for the committee. "Replacing the sand with Soft Fall was the best way to achieve this goal."

One of the most daunting tasks was removing the existing sand, which posed a significant cost and logistical challenge. Fortunately, the committee received some much-needed assistance from the City of Greater Bendigo, who provided the staff needed to carry out the works at no cost.

"Fosterville Gold Mine’s contribution towards the cost of the Soft Fall material ensured we were able to complete the project in double quick time. It's amazing how a little bit of help can make such a big difference," explained the committee spokesperson.

Will Wettenhall, Community and Environment Manager at FGM, said: “We are proud to have played a part in improving the safety and enjoyment of the Goornong Reserve for the local community and look forward to continue supporting initiatives like this in future”.