It’s the small things that make a big difference

The good thing about Fosterville Gold Mine’s Community Grants Program is that it enables community organisations, such as the Huntly Community Hub, to get the tools they need to do great things for their community.

The Huntly Community Hub – a not-for-profit organisation that supports their community to be motivated around the health of each other, the community and their environment by bringing people together to learn and have fun – were recently awarded a grant for the purchase of essential office equipment, including a printer, a square machine for EFTPOS card payments, and a laminator. 

These may seem like arbitrary items, however, for the Huntly Community Hub, they have made a world of difference.

“We are now able to print out our new community newsletter for distribution within the community and have already used our Square machine at our recent Bunnings BBQ,” said Joy Drummond, Secretary at the Huntly Community Hub.

"We love supporting organisations such as the Huntly Community Hub, as their resourcefulness and commitment, means that they can turn relatively small contributions into making their communities better and more connected places,” explained Trudi Jackson, Senior Community Advisor for Fosterville Gold Mine.