Golden Harvest: FGM's fruitful grant boosts Long Gully's food revolution

Did you know the Long Gully Community Garden is a hub for community activity and fresh produce in Bendigo? This local garden, managed by the Long Gully Neighbourhood Centre, has supported community members in growing their own food since 2002. With a focus on increasing food production, community participation, and diversity, the garden has become a valuable resource for individuals and families in the western Bendigo area.

Jonathan Ridnell, the Facilitator of the Long Gully Community Garden, recently shared how a community grant from Fosterville Gold Mine has significantly enhanced their fruit production capabilities. "Thanks to the grant from Fosterville Gold Mine, we were able to install netting for our fruit trees and saw a significant increase in our fruit production," he said. "Last year, we harvested 10kg of fruit from 26 trees, and with the netting, we hope to produce up to 30kg per tree this year to support our Mini Pantry and Bendigo Food Share partners."

This grant will allow the garden to increase its food-growing capacity and provide opportunities for community members to learn about backyard fruit tree management through workshops and information sessions. 

Jonathan also spoke about the transformative effect of the netting on the health of the fruit trees. "Our fruit trees were struggling to produce much fruit before the installation of the netting, but now they are thriving," he shared. "This project has greatly impacted our ability to provide fresh produce for our community and meet the growing demand for it."

"We are grateful for Fosterville Gold Mine's support in our food revolution in Long Gully," Jonathan concluded. "This grant will help us positively impact the community and contribute to a better future for all." FGM is happy to support initiatives that benefit the community and contribute to a better future.