Community Notification

MARCH 2024

Robbin's Hill exploration drilling program - February update

This in an update about the continuation of the Robbins Hill exploration program, with the most recent correspondence sent on 23 October 2023.

FGM will continue to operate one surface drill rig for the remainder of 2024.

Please see attached a map which outlines both the current exploration drill site and future exploration drill sites.

Diamond drilling utilises a hollow drill bit impregnated by diamonds to produce a ‘stick’ of core that preserves details of geology, ground conditions and mineralogy. The diamond drill rig will be operated by two to three personnel, with occasional visitors, as required. Access to all drill sites will be via internal site roads, with access via public roads only if required.

Expected time frames for the exploration drilling are outlined below, however this will be subject to minor variations depending on ground conditions and operational requirements.

Current Exploration Drilling

  • Site B – Exploration diamond drilling within custom built acoustic shed until mid March 2024.

Future Exploration Drilling

  • Site C – Exploration diamond drilling within custom built acoustic shed. Commencing mid to late March 2024.
  • Site D – Exploration diamond drilling within custom built acoustic shed. Commencing mid April 2024.
  • Site E – Exploration diamond drilling within custom built acoustic shed. Commencing mid to late May 2024. Depending on operational requirements Site E may be moved forward in the schedule and commence in mid April, while Site D is drilled in mid to late May.

For all future exploration drill sites, drilling will commence during daytime (7:00am-6:00pm) operating hours, with the intent to extend to continuous drilling (24/7) subject to noise monitoring results and community feedback. Day shift operating hours are 7:00am to 6:30pm and nightshift extends from 7:00pm to 6:30am.

During start up and throughout the drilling program, FGM personnel will conduct periodic noise monitoring at the site and closest receptors to ensure compliance with regulatory noise limits is maintained. Noise monitoring will be conducted during daytime (7:00am-6:00pm), evening (6:00pm-10:00pm) and nighttime (10:00pm-7:00am) periods. Noise monitoring will involve an appropriately trained FGM representative (or contractor) accessing nearby receptors for a period (15-30 minutes) to record noise levels using a calibrated sound meter.

Noise monitoring

If you would like noise monitoring to be undertaken at your property please contact a member of the FGM Community Team to have this arranged (see contact details below).

Upon completion, the drill holes will be grouted to 1 m below surface and then backfilled with native soil/material from the site. The drill pad area and any vehicle access tracks will be rehabilitated to return the site to its initial condition.

Additional information regarding the abandonment of mineral drill holes can be found on the Earth Resources website

FGM aims to minimise any adverse impacts from our operations and exploration activities on nearby residents. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the information provided in this letter, please contact FGM’s Community Team on 03 5439 9000 or email