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APRIL 2024

Roadside exploration drilling - Kamarooka and Milloo

Next week Fosterville Gold Mine will commence an Air Core Drilling program within public road reserves in the Kamarooka and Milloo areas.

What is Air Core Drilling?

Air Core (AC) drilling is a rotary type of drilling, in which broken rock from the cutting face passes to the surface inside a separate tube within the drill stem using compressed air.

Why use AC drilling?

It is a relatively quick method of drilling where holes can be completed in less than one day reducing the period of disruption and potential impacts for land users and landholders. AC drilling utilises a smaller footprint and faster processes than alternative exploration drilling methods (eg diamond or reverse circulation).

Watch a video of aircore drilling here

What’s involved in the survey?

You may see two trucks, one with a mounted drill rig and two light vehicles with up to eight people in highly visible clothing working along roadsides, within council reserves. The soil and rock chips are collected and removed from the site, and multiple holes may be drilled in rapid succession. The drilling footprint will be approximately 10m x 40m. Upon completion, the drill hole will be grouted to 1m below the surface and then backfilled with soil. The rehabilitation of all drill sites will be monitored in accordance with the Victorian Code of Practice for Mineral Exploration.

When will the program take place? 

The Air Core program will take approximately 2 months to complete.

Where will the Air Core drilling program take place?

How do I find out more? 

Please send through further enquires to us via email: or by calling us on 03 5439 9000.