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Rehe’s Pit Backfilling Project completed January 2022

Rehe’s Pit is located within the Wellsford Forest to the north-west of FGM’s mining lease area. The pit was mined in 2000/2001, producing approximately 4000 ounces of gold.

Whilst there is no regulatory requirement for FGM to backfill open pits as part of its site rehabilitation obligations, opportunities will be considered, where economic and/or logistically viable. Due to current favourable operating conditions, FGM progressed the opportunity to backfill and rehabilitate Rehe’s Pit.

The backfilling process took 3 months to complete and occurred by progressively tipping and filling the pit from north to south using the pit’s original oxide overburden material that was placed on an adjacent property. Some oxide material from Hunt’s waste dump was also used to complete backfilling of the void. The surface area was then domed with further overburden material to allow for future consolidation and settlement and topsoil applied across the entire area.

Woody debris, such as logs and stumps, have been placed over the surface area to provide habitat for fauna and the area has been planted with species from the Box Ironbark Ecological Vegetation Class so that it is similar to the surrounding bushland.