Community Notification

MARCH 2023

Regional Exploration Update – Roadside Passive Seismic Survey in Kamarooka, Milloo, and Lockington

Fosterville Gold Mine (FGM) plans to undertake a passive seismic survey within public road reserves in the Kamarooka, Milloo, and Lockington area. The survey forms part of FGM’s regional exploration program and is scheduled to commence in late March 2023 and take approximately one month to complete.

The survey locations will be between roadsides and the adjacent private property boundary, on road reserves managed by Council. Working Within Road Reserve permits from Bendigo, Campaspe and Loddon Shire Councils will administer all works undertaken in the road reserve. The survey activities are planned within exploration license area EL006502 permitted by Earth Resources Regulation.

This geophysical technique is an entirely passive method and it is undertaken on foot. Seismometers are placed on the ground to measure ambient seismic noise generated from road traffic, wind or earthquakes, to map contrasting density of sediments, rocks and faults in the subsurface.

You can learn more about the activity by reading the Passive Seismic Survey Fact Sheet.

A passive seismic survey is planned along the roadsides shown in the below map.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the information provided here, please contact FGM’s Community Team on 03 5439 9000 or email