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Notification to landholders: Exploration in Mount Lofty Bushland Reserve

Fosterville Gold Mine (FGM) will be undertaking exploration activities in the Mount Lofty Bushland Reserve, located within exploration licence EL006503 during October and November 2023.

All programs are reconnaissance exploration activities aimed at identifying structures prospective to host gold mineralisation. During the program, you may see FGM geologists wearing hi-vis uniforms undertaking the activities described below.

Soil sampling
Soil sampling is a basic technique of mineral exploration used to identify gold indicator anomalies in the soil. This information is used to inform areas for further exploration. Soil sampling involves a small hole (40x40cm) hand-dug to a depth of 10-20cm. Samples are typically taken 50m apart along a sample line, which is generally orientated in an east-west direction and spaced 100m to 200m apart. Sampling is undertaken using hand tools by 1-2 people on foot. Soil sampling locations are backfilled and vegetation is replaced immediately.

Geological mapping
Geological mapping involves two to three people observing rock outcrops. The aim of the activity is to identify significant geological structures which may indicate gold mineralisation on the property or in the region. During the activity, geologists may take small rock samples for chemical analysis.

You can learn more about the activity by reading the Soil Sampling Fact Sheet. 

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the information provided here, please contact FGM’s Community Team on 03 5439 9000 or email