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Meet the Environment and Community Team

Meet Will Wettenhall, Environment & Community Manager and the team.

The FGM E&C team has welcomed a number of new members over the past year. We asked the team to give us their take on all things "environment and community" and will be sharing these with you over the next few weeks. Here's what Phillip, Tessa and Jack had to say.

On what attracted him to work at FGM
Whilst spending a majority of my career working as an environmental consultant across various industries, I was looking forward to the opportunity of working in a more mineral focussed domain having studied geology. At the mine my focus is on air quality, managing dust emissions, as well as overseeing our various waste streams, with a focus on reducing our landfill volumes by increasing our recycling.
Phillip RossmanithEnvironment & Community Officer

On why environmentalists choose to work in the mining industry
As an environmentalist, I know the vital role a healthy environment plays in every aspect of our lives. I’ve chosen to work at FGM to gain insight into the industry whilst making a genuine contribution to responsible environmental management on site.
Tessa Fitzpatrick Environmental Technician

On FGM’s culture
FGM employees are part of the community as the majority of us live in the region with our families. I think this certainly creates a positive and proud culture; one that considers the wider community and what positives the mine can bring.
Jack Bowen Senior Environment & Community Advisor (Projects & Approvals)

Next let's hear what Fran, Pat and Oliver shared with us.

On FGM’s Sustained Operations Project
FGM’s commitment to environmental sustainability is at the forefront of what I do every day. Being involved in the Sustained Operations Project provides the opportunity to be involved in ensuring we are assessing potential impacts thoroughly with the help of technical specialists. Having the data available allows for informed decisions to be made. I think it is great that the key objectives of the Sustained Operations Project are to avoidminimise, and/or offset our impacts.
Fran Crossan  Project Lead for the Environmental Effects Statement

On what happens when the mine closes
Mine closure is an important ongoing project at the mine, which is demonstrated in part by my recent appointment aSenior Rehabilitation Specialist. The overarching approach of mine closure is to ensure that the most safe, sustainable, and achievable closure designs are implemented. Mine closure is an evolving process as operations continue, technology advances, technical studies become available, and stakeholder input and expectations mature. My aim for the next phase of closure planning is to continue with the technical studies that develop the scientific approach to achieving the best possible closure outcomes. This approach is strengthened by an ongoing commitment to carry out progressive rehabilitation projects, such as the Rehe’s Pit backfill and rehabilitation project, throughout the life of the mine
Pat Harton Senior Rehabilitation Specialist

On compliance 
Compliance means more than just meeting our legislative requirements. It means constantly improving ourenvironmental programs so that we achieve thebestpossible outcome for our environment and exceedevolving community expectations. My primary responsibility is ensuring these programs, such as air quality,ground vibration, waterand noise monitoring, are designed and operated toindustry leading standards.
Oliver Hickson – Senior Environment and Community Advisor (Compliance)

Here's what Will, who heads up the team, had to say.

Will Wettenhall – Environment & Community Manager

On having a positive impact
FGM’s goal is to leave a positive and long-lasting legacy on the environments and communities in which we operate, which makes me proud to work here. In my role, I am passionate about ensuring that potential environmental and community impacts are minimised by providing detailed scientific information to decision-makers; implementing industry-leading environmental management and monitoring practices; and building trusted and transparent relationships with the community. 

Environment and Community Team at Fosterville Gold Mine:

Team members from left to right:

  • Fran Crossan – Project Lead for the Environmental Effects Statement
  • Pat Harton – Senior Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Oliver Hickson – Senior Environment and Community Advisor (Compliance)
  • Phillip Rossmanith – Environment & Community Officer
  • Tessa Fitzpatrick – Environmental Technician
  • Jack Bowen – Senior Environment & Community Advisor (Projects & Approvals)
  • Natasha van Leeuwen – Environment & Community Advisor
  • Leslie Riddell – Environmental Technician
  • Wendy Campbell – Environmental Technician
  • Frank Hill – Environmental Assistant 
  • Will Wettenhall – Environment & Community Manager
  • Leigh Byrne – Community Officer
  • Trudi Jackson – Senior Community Advisor