Environmental news


Proactive Dust Management

Have you ever noticed a bright green colouration covering some of our tailings storage facilities and stockpiles? It is an environmentally safe product used to bind the surface material and prevent dust. 

In preparation for the Summer period, we recently applied dust suppressant to the surface of our tailings storage facility, TSF4.

So, why is it bright green in colour? 

The product is actually a clear solution, however, the green dye is added to make it easier to see where it has been applied to ensure complete coverage. The dye has no impact on the effectiveness of the product, and is non-toxic.

With the support of crews from State Wide River & Stream Management and the FGM Day Services Team, the dust suppressant was successfully applied to 9.2 ha of TSF4 as a preventative dust control measure.

The TSF4 is planned to receive tailings during Q4 2024, and the surface of the TSF4 is expected to dry out between now and when deposition occurs. 

At FGM, we take our environmental responsibility seriously, and dust suppression is just one of the many ways in which we strive to minimise our impact on the surrounding environment and community.