Community Notification


Information bulletin - Fosterville Gold Mine Fox Baiting Program

In response to numerous community enquiries regarding Fosterville Gold Mine’s Fox Baiting Program, please find below some additional information about the program and our approach pest management.

• Fosterville Gold Mine is required to conduct pest control as a condition of our Mining Licence MIN5404, administered under the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990 and regulated by Earth Resources Regulator.

• Fosterville routinely manages pest animal populations on our premises via 1080 baiting programs, our last 1080 fox baiting program was completed from Nov 2021 to January 2022.

• The Crown Land Managers of the Wellsford Forest and native bushland (immediate to Fosterville Gold Mine’s operation) also routinely undertake 1080 baiting programs for pest control within Crown Land.

• Fosterville’s 1080 fox baiting program is being undertaken in accordance with the prescriptive requirements for using 1080 animal bait, as detailed on the Agriculture Victoria/DEEECA website (

• Fosterville has notified neighbouring landholders of the 1080 fox baiting program in accordance with these requirements.

• There are a number of useful online resources available to community regarding the safe use of 1080 bait and the management of risk to native fauna, including the PestSMART website (

• Prior to commencement of the program, Fosterville received multiple enquires from local community members who raised concern regarding increased pest fox populations in the local area.

• We recognise there are varying community viewpoints regarding the control methods used for pest management.

• Pest animal control is essential for minimising impact on native flora and fauna and farmed livestock, and there is a regulatory requirement and community expectation that Fosterville Gold Mine is a responsible land manager.

If you have any questions regarding the above information please don't hesitate to contact the FGM Community Team on 5439 9000 or via email