Community Notification

APRIL 2022

Fosterville Gold Mine – Mine Induced Seismic Event 19/04/2022

On Tuesday the 19th of April at 8:25am Fosterville Gold Mine registered a 2.5 ML mine induced seismic event on the dedicated underground seismic monitoring system.

The location of the event was approximately 1km below the surface and 155 m east of the underground mine workings. This event was heard and felt by many of our employees and surrounding neighbours.

Mine induced seismicity is a common phenomenon experienced across the underground mining industry and is caused by the redistribution of rock stress underground. In 2020, FGM completed the installation of a dedicated underground seismic monitoring system, which enables us to record when an event occurs underground, the magnitude and location.

FGM adopts underground safety systems and procedures to manage mine-induced seismic events. Ground support standards are set and installed with consideration of the potential for mine induced seismicity, and additional inspections of both surface and underground infrastructure are completed when larger events are registered.

Following yesterday’s event, all underground personnel were brought to the surface as part of our normal procedures. This provided an opportunity for them to contact family and friends, and employees were also provided with additional information regarding the event.

FGM reviews and utilises the information gathered from the underground seismic monitoring system as part of the mine planning and design process, which aims to minimise the potential for mine induced seismic events.

We encourage any community members with questions or concerns to contact the FGM Community Team on 03 5439 9000 or