JULY 2024

FGM’s cutting-edge technology used to help keep history alive

We recently had the unique opportunity to merge Bendigo’s golden history with modern mine technology.

In June, Christ Abbotts, Senior Mine Surveyor, collaborated with the Central Deborah Gold Mine team to do a LiDAR scan of the historic mine shaft as part of Central Deborah’s efforts to design a more functional second egress (exit) from the 170-year-old mine.

A custom cage was built to house and protect the Emesent LiDAR (stands for Light Detection and Ranging) scanner which was lowered down the historic shaft. The scanner then emitted pulsed laser light to map the terrain in detail. The scanner’s impressive capabilities allows it to use swathes of light to measure a detailed digital terrain model (DTM), down to centimetre resolution.

The data and map detail generated by the LiDAR scanner (as pictured above) will now be used to design and implement a new Alimak lift. 

This builds on a longstanding relationship that Fosterville Gold Mine has with Bendigo’s award winning tourist mine; and we are looking forward to seeing the improvements this project makes possible.