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Environment Effects Statement - FAQs

As part of preparing for the operation's future, we are undertaking an Environment Effects Statement (EES) to assess potential environmental, social and economic impacts and benefits.

FAQ 1 – 16 Jan 2023

What is an EES and how can I keep up to date with the latest news about FGM's EES?

An EES is a document that examines the possible impacts a proposed development may have on the environment. It aims to provide for the transparent, integrated and timely assessment of the environmental effects of projects capable of having a significant impact on the environment.

The goal of an EES is to summarise the proposed development, identify any alternatives, technically analyse the potential impacts and their consequences, develop a program for minimising, managing and monitoring impacts and provide for public participation in the decision-making process.

When the Minister is satisfied that the Environment Effects Statement is suitable and adequately addresses the scoping requirements, it is released for public comment.

The public exhibition period will allow members of the public to review the Environment Effects Statement and provide written submissions on the project to Planning Panels Victoria.

The submissions will inform the Panel in making its recommendations to the Minister for Planning and is a vital part of stakeholders being able to provide feedback on the project's benefits and impacts.

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