MARCH 2021

BIOX® Blower Sound Attenuation Project completed in 2021

As a part of the ongoing program of continuous improvement for noise management at Fosterville Gold Mine, an opportunity was identified to reduce noise from the BIOX® blowers in the processing plant. The BIOX® Blower Sound Attenuation Project was commenced in December 2020 and completed in 2021.

The BIOX® process uses bacteria to expose the gold surface in fine rock particles as they pass through tanks. To survive, the bacteria require oxygen in the form of air, and blowers are utilised to aerate the BIOX® tanks. Acoustic surveys of specific plant items identified the BIOX® blowers as key noise sources within FGM’s processing circuit, and consequently a plan to attenuate noise emissions from the blowers was developed.

The aim the project was to lower the overall site noise levels, which are monitored at various sensitive receptors as a part of FGM’s noise monitoring program. To achieve this a ‘sound-proof’ enclosure has been constructed over the existing open-roofed shed and infrastructure. FGM engaged local contractors to design and construct the specialised sound attenuation panels and assist with project delivery.

Initial monitoring results indicate a promising reduction in noise emissions from the facility.