MAY 2023

Bendigo Climate Summit calls for community focus

Over the weekend, representatives from Agnico Eagle and Fosterville Gold Mine attended the Greater Bendigo Climate Summit at Bendigo’s Ulumbarra Theatre, an event dedicated to fostering collaboration and inspiring climate action in our region. As one of the major partners of the Bendigo Climate Collaboration, we were pleased to be a part of this transformative gathering.

Sustainability Educator, Ian McBurney said it was inspiring to think of all the climate-based conversations sparked by the event with hundreds of locals and visitors in attendance.

"The world only changes when the converted get up and do something together," he said.

McBurney was at pains to emphasise the importance of community collaboration in tackling the challenges brought about by climate change.

The summit provided a platform for diverse voices and experts to come together and discuss pressing climate issues. It all kicked off with a summit launch event on Friday, where Vice President of Sustainability & Regulatory Affairs, Mohammed Ali, represented Agnico Eagle in a thought-provoking roundtable discussion with partner organisations. 

A highlight of the summit was The Great Transport Debate – Zero Emissions by 2030, hosted by Natasha Mitchell and broadcasted on Big Ideas on ABC Radio National. This captivating debate gathered experts from various backgrounds to explore strategies and solutions for achieving zero emissions by 2030.  You can look at and comment on the draft roadmap here: 

Following the summit, an audience of 300 people attended "Electrifying Everything Greater Bendigo," an engaging session featuring renowned inventor and former climate advisor to Joe Biden, Saul Griffith. Griffith's compelling arguments for an Electrification Revolution in Greater Bendigo resonated with the audience, highlighting the potential to create healthier homes, transition buildings to renewable energy sources, and reduce power bills.

Agnico Eagle was honoured to be one of the major partners of this transformative experience and we look forward to continuing our commitment to sustainability and fostering positive change in our community.