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Agnico Eagle and Kirkland Lake Gold Have Merged

It is with great pleasure we can announce the successful completion of Kirkland Lake Gold’s (KLG) merger with Agnico Eagle. This merger is the joining together of two companies that share the same goals and values.

Who is Agnico Eagle?

Agnico Eagle, which was founded in 1957, is a senior Canadian gold mining company producing precious metals from operations in Canada, Finland and Mexico.

Most importantly, Agnico Eagle is a mature, long term, industry leader that is recognised globally because of its leading environmental, social and governance practices.

The joining of Kirkland Lake Gold and Agnico Eagle has formed the third largest gold producer in the world that will continue to be named Agnico Eagle.

Agnico Eagle is committed to responsibly operating high-quality, low risk, sustainable mines that are not only great places to work, but also committed to being genuine supporters of the communities within which they operate.

Fosterville Gold Mine (FGM) for many years has strived to live the values of trust, respect, equality, family and responsibility. We believe this merger will serve to strengthen these values and our engagement within the community.

What does the merger mean for Fosterville Gold Mine?

Fosterville Gold Mine has been through several changes of parent company and with each new owner it has had minimal impact on day-to-day work at the site level, other than providing the advantages of being part of a larger, stronger company with increased financial capacity.

The most noticeable change will be that the Kirkland Lake Gold brand will be phased out and replaced by the Agnico Eagle brand.

Please contact the Fosterville Gold Mine Community team if you have any questions by sending an email to or call 03 5439 9000.