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Underground Miner

Underground Miners excavate minerals, rocks and other materials using specialist equipment in underground mines.


Underground Miners operate machinery and equipment to dig, load and transport ore, rock and other materials in underground mines. 

It’s common for Miners to work in rural and remote locations, often living a fly-in/fly-out lifestyle. Mining environments may be cramped, noisy, dusty and dark and you would work in all temperatures. 

The work can be physically demanding but as more mining process become automated, underground miners are increasingly working in control rooms where they control and monitor mining machinery.


  • Use specialist machinery to drill and blast into rock to create underground tunnels
  • Load mined materials onto trucks or other means of transportation
  • Drive large trucks to transport ore out of mines
  • Install and maintain reinforcing, lighting, cabling, pumps and air vents
  • Operating pumps to expel air, water and mud
  • Use heavy machinery such as loaders and IT’s (Integrated Toolhandler)
  • Dismantling, moving and reassembling drilling rigs and accessory plant
  • Performing minor maintenance and repairs, and lubricating and cleaning plant
  • Always work with a high regard for safety

To become an Underground Miner

You can work as an Underground Miner without formal qualifications, however, a certificate III or IV in surface extraction operations or underground mining (metalliferous) may be useful.

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