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Supply Officer

Supply Officers manage, receive and dispatch goods, and track and maintain stocks levels and inventory.


Supply Officers prepare and process orders for goods and services, monitor stock levels and supply sources and maintain stock and inventory levels, record and coordinate the flow of materials between departments, and administer and coordinate storage and distribution operations within organisations.


  • Confirming completion of orders and compliance with details specified, signing tally sheets and attaching to checked items
  • Receiving and checking purchase requests against inventory records and stock on hand
  • Checking inventories and preparing delivery schedules examining containers to ensure that they are filled, and recording quantities
  • Investigating and identifying supply sources and preparing and processing purchase orders
  • Providing price and other information about goods to prospective customers
  • Counting incoming stock and reconciling it with requisitions, and updating inventory and stock location records
  • Establishing and coordinating the operating procedures for receiving, handling, storing and shipping goods
  • Undertake annual stocktakes

To become a Supply Officer

You can work as a supply officer without formal qualifications but will requires tickets or licences to operate specialised equipment such as forklifts. You would get some training on the job. A certificate in II in logistics may be useful or VET qualifications in business, purchasing or transport.

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