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Mining Engineer

Mining engineers ensure the safe and efficient development of mines by planning the engineering aspects of mineral extraction.


Mining engineers plan and supervise the process and various aspects involved in extracting minerals from mines. Mining engineers are involved in the development of new mines, including assessing whether minerals deposits can be profitable mines, and also research new techniques and processes to improve the efficiency and safety of mines.


  • Work closely with geologists and mine surveyors to decide if mining plans are commercially viable
  • Find the best way to extract raw materials from the ground, using blasting, drilling and excavation methods
  • Prepare the layout of the mine development and the procedure by which the minerals are to be mined
  • Prepare estimates on production costs
  • Oversee the construction of the mine and the installation of the plant machinery and equipment
  • Conduct research aimed at improving efficiency and safety in mines
  • Work with geologists and other engineers on the design, selection and provision of machines, facilities and systems for mining, as well as infrastructure such as access roads, water and power supplies
  • Prepare plans for mines, including tunnels and shafts for underground operations, and pits and haulage roads for open-cut operations, using computer-aided design (CAD) packages
  • Establish and monitor first aid and emergency services facilities at the mine
  • Work closely with geologists and mine surveyors to restore a site after mining ceases

To become a Mining Engineer

You would have a interest in science, mathematics and technology with a high level of attention to detail. You need a bachelor degree in Engineering majoring in mining or geotechnical engineering to work as a Mining Engineer.

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