New seating at Muldoon Reserve thanks to Mountain Bike Club project

The Bendigo Mountain Bike Club Inc. (Bendigo MTB) is an all-inclusive club that has been setup to support and foster mountain biking in the Greater Bendigo region. Established in the early 90’s its number one goal is to get more people on bikes through encouraging new riders to get outdoors and enjoy our beautiful bushland.

The skills park area at Muldoon Reserve forms part of the Bendigo Mountain Bike Club’s Spring Gully Trailhead precinct. The skills park is nestled in an idyllic bushland setting which is bordered by very quiet roads and presents a safe place for children and their families to roam and ride with relative independence.

However, until now there wasn't any seating where people could gather and chat. The Bendigo MTB applied for a Fosterville Gold MineCommunity Grant to rectify this issue and were pleased to be successful in securing the grant. The grant has helped the club install chairs, benches and a large table, all made by Raw Boards from natural timbers to fit in with the surrounding environment, which has no doubt added to the enjoyment of families spending time in the reserve.

Some generous work by the Bendigo MTB club members, means there is now somewhere to sit and watch all the action from the pump track, or just have a picnic.

Fosterville Gold Mine is very happy to have been able to support this project which will benefit not only the club, but the entire Spring Gully community.