Community Notification


Updated - EPA Noise Investigations at Fosterville Gold Mine

Following on from recent communications regarding noise investigations by both Fosterville Gold Mine (FGM) and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), we can advise that we have received an additional notice from the EPA requiring that our surface ventilation system be operated at a reduced rate (fan speed of 400rpm) from 00:00 to 6:00 hours. We continue to advance plans and implement adjustments to accommodate this restriction in our ongoing operations. 

As previously reported, the Environment Protection Agency Victoria has determined that low frequency noise (in the range of 16-20 Hz) is being emitted from the mine site and has provided timelines for investigating and resolving the issue of low-frequency noise as well as reporting to the EPA on modifications introduced and new testing completed. We will continue to cooperate with the EPA, including operating our surface ventilation system at no more than 400 rpm from 00:00 to 6:00 hours and, as always, will take the necessary steps to ensure our operations minimise impact on the community.

At all times we seek to work cooperatively with the community and regulators so decision making is founded on evidence based approaches. As part of our ongoing noise investigation, we previously engaged two third-party noise consulting specialists to complete studies into low-frequency noise and provided these reports to the regulators. Both studies concluded that all mine generated noise was within regulatory threshold levels.

Over the past fortnight, the EPA required us to look at sources of low-frequency noise (including the surface ventilation system) and what modifications/changes could be made to minimise lowfrequency noise. Reducing the surface ventilation system fans speed (to 400rpm) makes a measurable difference in the noise level (for the 16-20 Hz range). Our work is ongoing, and we continue to assess practical opportunities to further minimise low frequency noise. We will take the necessary steps to ensure our operations are, and remain, in compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements. In doing so, we want to reiterate that FGM treats all community concerns with the utmost seriousness.

Fosterville Gold Mine is committed to being a responsible member of the local community, and our highest priority is the health and wellbeing of our people, our neighbours, the environment and the Greater Bendigo Region of Victoria.