JUNE 2023

Thank you to our Business Partners – Supporting Rochester together!

It may shock you to know that many of Rochester’s residents impacted by the October floods are still unable to live in their homes!

In October 2022, the township of Rochester was devastated by flooding, submerging a significant portion of the town along with its surrounding areas causing serious damage to hundreds of homes. The aftermath of this catastrophic event means many residents are now living in caravans, patiently awaiting the reconstruction of their flood-damaged homes. Urgent and ongoing support from the community is now more crucial than ever to help Rochester get back on track.

The road to recovery will be long, and the complete restoration of the town is estimated to take up to seven years. Recognising the urgent need, Fosterville Gold Mine (FGM) was actively involved in the immediate flood response efforts. In December 2022, FGM pledged $750,000 to support the Rochester community to rebuild and recover.

This funding has allowed Rochester Community House, the heart of support and communication during this crisis, to hire a full-time Youth & Community Engagement Officer, extend staff hours, and secure temporary office space, further strengthening their capacity to assist the community.

The Rochester Recreation Reserve, a vital social hub, has used the funding to restore the reserve to a usable state and to secure full funding for the upgrade to Moon Oval's lighting and irrigation system. These improvements aim to unite the community, attract events, and stimulate economic growth.

Despite the passing of the immediate crisis, many residents are facing the harsh reality of a cold winter in temporary accommodation. FGM has donated blankets and essential items to Rochester Community House, ensuring the community stays warm and supported. However, the ongoing need persists, and we are committed to extending our assistance.

We recently put a call out to our business partners to join forces with us to ensure we can continue to support the Rochester Community.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the businesses that have already contributed to the relief efforts, thanking them for their exceptional generosity. Special thanks go out to: