JULY 2022

FGM to continue support of Sunshine Bendigo

Winter may bring duller days, but that hasn’t stopped Sunshine Bendigo from continuing to brighten up the days for struggling families with the wonderful services that they offer; and the team at Fosterville Gold Mine (FGM) is proud to support their work.

After nominating Sunshine Bendigo as their charity for the Victorian Racing Club’s annual Melbourne Cup Sweep in 2021, which saw the charity win a whopping $50,000, FGM has forged a more long-term partnership with the organisation.

“At Fosterville Gold Mine we believe that a healthy community is a team effort and we are 100% committed to playing our part to ensure that the benefits from the mine are spread across the community,” said Lance Faulkner, FGM General Manager.

Founder/Director of Sunshine Bendigo, Glenda Serpell said: “We really rely on, and appreciate, socially responsible businesses such as Fosterville Gold Mine, who are helping us to provide material support to an ever-increasing cohort of families that are struggling, especially through the winter months.”

“Organisations, such as Sunshine Bendigo, are a vital part of the community and we are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the wonderful work that they do,” Lance concluded.

To find out more about Sunshine Bendigo and how you can support them visit: www.sunshinebendigo.org.au