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Exploration update - Passive Seismic Survey

Notification for landholders - Exploration update

Passive Seismic Survey (PSS)
In the coming weeks Fosterville Gold Mine will commence a Passive Seismic Survey within public road reserves in the Kamarooka, Kamarooka North, Tennyson and Milloo areas. 

What is a Passive Seismic Survey?
Passive Seismic Survey (PSS) is a geophysical technique that is an entirely passive method of exploration. The seismometers measure ambient seismic noise generated from road traffic, wind or earthquakes to map contrasting density of sediments, rocks and faults in the subsurface.

Where will the Passive Seismic Survey take place?

Why use PSS?
It is a relatively quick, non-invasive and low impact method of testing thickness of younger rocks and sediments that overlie the prospective basement rocks, causing minimal noise and physical disturbance.

What’s involved in the survey?
You may see highly visible two person crews working together along road verges, within council reserves.

This survey method is non-invasive, meaning that none of the equipment penetrates the ground. 

The survey is undertaken on foot to reduce the impact within the survey area.

An example of a Passive Seismic Survey.

When will the survey take place?
The Passive Seismic Survey will commence in late February 2024 and will take approximately 2 weeks to complete.

View the Passive Seismic Survey Fact Sheet here.