People and culture

MARCH 2023

Diversity in the FGM Team

We're thrilled to be highlighting a few of our employees over the coming weeks, celebrating diversity at Fosterville Gold Mine. Check out their interviews and hear what they had to say about their roles and why they work at FGM.

Meet Alia Melgin-Hill, Process Operator 

Alia is an integral part of the processing team and enjoys working in a diverse team and being a young woman in mining. 

Meet Jozsef Kozar, Underground Development Driller

Jozsef has worked for Fosterville for over 14 years. He spoke to us about how he has worked he was up into his role along with his peers, working many different jobs along the way.

Meet Jessica Mitrovic, Truck Operator

Jessica really enjoys working at Fosterville and in the mining industry in general. Working locally is really important to her and although driving a truck can be a lonely business, she doesn't mind the time to herself.

Meet Cameron Reaburn, Service Maintenance Foreman

Cameron has enjoyed working at Fosterville for over 10 years and credits that longevity to the great friendships he has formed with his co-workers. He thinks it's a very respectable and diverse place to work. He also says ‘Having an indigenous background, what I especially like, is the way Fosterville care about the land. When you look around you can see such a diverse range of critters running around". 

Meet Sue Mills, Processing Manager at FGM

Sue has been at FGM for an incredible 10 years, starting as a Technical Processing Superintendent and is now Processing Manager. She provides leadership to plant maintenance, mill operation and tailings infrastructure. Sue explains how every member of the team has something valuable to contribute. By collaborating with each other they often come up with innovative and interesting ideas. She says that many people have different stories to tell about their background and experiences, which is highly valuable.