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Community Update - Fosterville Gold Mine Fox Baiting Program

In September, Fosterville Gold Mine commenced a 1080 Fox Baiting program, in accordance with our regulatory obligations and our commitment responsible land management.

We recognise there are varying community viewpoints regarding the control methods used for pest management.

In response to recent community feedback and direct interference with active baiting stations, we have reviewed our current 1080 fox bating program and made the decision to remove the baits located on FGM owned private properties within MIN5404 South.

The Fox baiting program will continue in operational areas in accordance with the requirements for using 1080 animal bait, as detailed on the Agriculture Victoria/DEEECA website (

Fosterville Gold Mine values community feedback, and where possible, we will review our approach with consideration of that feedback.

If you have any questions regarding the above information please don't hesitate to contact the FGM Community Team on 5439 9000 or via email