MAY 2022

A place in time – Milloo Hall

Remember the last time you drove past a building on a road trip somewhere and wondered what it is and why it’s there? It may only be a fleeting thought, but wouldn’t it be good to know the story behind it?

The Milloo Hall is one of those buildings. Situated approximately 40 minutes north of Bendigo in the Campaspe Shire, the Milloo Hall sits in the farmlands and although it looks like place from a bygone era, it is still held in fond regard by the farming families who have been part of the Milloo community for many generations.

Fosterville Gold Mine was recently able to support the Milloo Community to repaint this heritage-listed building in the run up to its 100th year in 2025.“The Milloo Hall has borne witness to many important events from weddings, funerals, birthday parties and even a ‘welcome home’ for soldiers returning from war. It is also the place where Milloo’s Annual Spring Fair was held for many years,” explains Narelle Betts, Milloo Hall Committee member.

“Although I never had a chance to attend one of the infamous Milloo Spring Fairs, I have heard many stories about it from family and friends, including the goings on at the evening dance and the carnival atmosphere during the day with special mention of tricks performed by travelling entertainers and their dogs,” Narelle enthuses.

Narelle describes the hall as an anchor point for the community: “So much is changing these days, however going home to Milloo offers reassurance that good things, like community, are always there when you need them.”

The hall received its new paint job at the end of 2021 and since then the committee has had positive feedback about how much better it looks.

While it was not used much during the pandemic, the building is now springing back to life with the Country Women’s Association of Milloo resuming their regular meetings there and enquiries coming in to hire out the hall for various functions.

“We are very grateful to Fosterville Gold Mine for supporting us to get the hall painted so that it can continue to be a meeting place for the Milloo Community for many years to come,” concludes Narelle.